Tất tần tật về vị trí Kế Toán Trưởng (Chief Accountant)

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Accounting is an integral part of all businesses. For large enterprises, location Chief accountant plays an extremely important role, being the head and operating the entire accounting department. So who is the chief accountant? Chief accountant’s job what? The following article will help readers have a clearer view of this personnel position.TABLE OF CONTENTS:

1- What is a Chief Accountant?
2. Job description of chief accountant
3- Chief accountant salary
4- Job Requirements
5- Important skills of Chief Accountant
6- Chief Accountant job

1- What is a Chief Accountant?

Chief Accountant is the person who directly directs all activities of the accounting department of agencies, organizations and enterprises… As the person in charge of general direction and advises you to lead on financial strategies, accountant.

Chief accountant Usually the head of a department or a team leader depending on the size of the business. In large companies, the chief accountant oversees a team of financial professionals and works under the chief financial officer (CFO).
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2. Job description of chief accountant

2.1. Operating

As the head and leader of the accounting department, chief accountant Responsible for all operations of the room. All activities of finance, accounting, human resources, training, system of books and documents… are assigned and managed under the direction of the chief accountant.

Manage financial and accounting activities

Financial activities

The chief accountant is the person who will directly organize and supervise the process of setting up the capital fund of the enterprise. These are the sources of expenditure for the development plans and projects of the enterprise. Being the person who directly monitors the funding sources, manages the company’s money. Establishing relationships with banks and credit institutions to ensure smooth financial work. Coordinating in the preparation of forms of documents and papers applicable to the daily business and production activities of the enterprise, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the law.

Interesting jobs

Research, establish information systems, tables, propose methods and analytical criteria to evaluate the financial performance of the company in each period. Analyze and evaluate the company’s financial items, thereby proposing solutions to increase and decrease costs effectively. Participating in the analysis of business activities of the enterprise based on financial and accounting data for the purpose of determining internal financial reserves, minimizing costs in the course of business operations of the enterprise. Karma.

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Accounting activities

The chief accountant is the person who organizes and completes the accounting apparatus and accounting regime. Set up a data analysis system based on agreed tables, ensuring accuracy, transparency and completeness of information. In charge of the preparation and control of work plans, forms of records, papers, payment entries, balance sheets as well as other documents of the accounting department to ensure that the accounting work is not errors occur. The organization directs the inspection and assessment of assets, cash flows and other sources of assets, thereby assessing the management and use situation. Monitoring and detecting cases of falsifying financial and accounting principles, causing damage to the company’s assets, thereby taking timely handling measures. Check and review the economic contracts of the company to ensure the interests of the company. Directing the analysis and evaluation of the company’s business operations, from which there are plans to improve the efficiency of capital use, and solve business difficulties due to inappropriate financial regulations. .

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Management and training of accountants

The chief accountant is responsible for managing the entire accounting team, including the management of personnel and training of accountants. Monitor and regularly evaluate the work efficiency of accountants, ensure that activities of the accounting department are carried out in accordance with procedures and regulations. In order to meet the requirements of innovation, policy and development strategy in each period, the chief accountant must regularly organize the training of the accounting department’s personnel. The training will include professional knowledge, accounting operations, dissemination of company regulations, chapters, directives of the leadership. >>>You may be interested: 20 most classic chief accountant interview questions

2.2. Financial report

The chief accountant is responsible for synthesizing data, analyzing and evaluating the implementation of the company’s financial revenue and expenditure plan on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to report to the leadership. The content of the report includes: – Status of financial resources, analysis and evaluation tables of the use of financial resources. – Plans to reduce risks, solve difficulties in the process of carrying out financial activities as well as improve the overall business performance of the company. – Provide recommendations and solutions in attracting financial resources for businesses to ensure the stability of the budget.

2.3. Other missions

As a leader, chief accountant Responsible for ensuring the progress and efficiency of the accounting department. Take responsibility before the Board of Directors for mistakes in accounting activities.

Chief accountant is the person who directly stands out to perform credit transactions with banks and in the financial field. Provide books and data for the audit work of the authorities. Organize and conduct meetings of the accounting department. Participate in meetings with department heads and leaders when required.

3- Chief accountant salary

Present Salary of Chief Accountant very high level. The average salary is about 20.2 million/month. Salary range ranges from 16-25 million/month. At large companies, the chief accountant’s salary can be up to 30 – 70 million/month.
The above salary is a desirable figure for any profession. However, when considering the workload and responsibility the Chief Accountant must undertake, this salary is completely worth it.

4- Job Requirements

To become a Chief Accountant requires you to go through a process of promotion from a few years to a decade. During that process, you will have to work hard to meet the following basic criteria:

4.1- Degree, certificate

Chief accountants need to have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in Accounting, Auditing, Finance – Banking and must have a certificate of chief accountant, certificate of CPA or ACCA. Therefore, if you want to become a Chief Accountant, you first need to study in the right industry, then you need to practice your foreign language skills and take the exam to get the necessary certificates.

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4.2- Experience

Each business will have different requirements for the number of years of experience when applying for the position of Chief Accountant. Usually, they often require candidates to have 5-7 years of business accounting and at least 3 years of management experience. Moreover, it is also very important that you work in the company with the number of employees, in what field of business, whether the company is Vietnamese or foreign. Therefore, in the process of working, you should consider moving from small companies to larger companies to be able to do more work and learn more new things.

4.3- Skills

In addition to professional expertise, a Chief Accountant must also possess the following important skills: + Thinking ability + Sensitivity to numbers + Fast calculation ability + High concentration on work and handling Accurate work + Honesty, assertiveness and carefulness + Proficient in office computer, accounting software and specialized English + Communication, behavioral, and problem-solving skills + Leadership ability + Withstand work pressure

5- Important skills of Chief Accountant

With the accounting profession, expertise and professionalism are always appreciated. But being a Chief Accountant is not enough. If you want to take up this job, you will have to have the following important skills:

5.1- High professional competence

This skill is also known as work skill. You can only acquire this skill through work and study. A good Chief Accountant needs to master industry knowledge, be able to analyze and evaluate financial statements, prepare and present accounting reports, and manage corporate finance.

5.2- Understanding the law

This is very important because legal risks related to accounting will greatly affect the destiny of the business. So you need to know how to look up and properly apply the provisions of the Enterprise Law, the Commercial Law; laws on taxes, land, bills, labor, insurance, securities. At the same time, you should also spend time reading articles that share new experiences, skills and knowledge about accounting, finance, and taxes.

5.3- Computer skills, foreign languages

This is considered the key to help you open the door to success in the accounting profession, especially the Chief Accountant position. You must be proficient in the office computer software word, excel because they are quite popular in work and use accounting software well. Besides, you also need to practice English to communicate with foreign partners and members in the company and read, understand, draft accounting documents and reports in English.

5.4- Good thinking ability

The job of a Chief Accountant is closely related to complex numbers, tables and calculations, so mathematical and logical thinking is very important for this profession.

5.5- Careful and honest

Accounting profession always has to work with numbers and money, so even a small mistake can cause unpredictable consequences for businesses. It is not good to make mistakes, but doing it intentionally for personal gain is even more serious. Therefore, to be able to grow with the accounting profession, you need to put honesty first.

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5.6- Know how to manage time and work under pressure

The large workload, limited working time, especially when having to make reports at the end of the month or at the end of the year make the Chief Accountant often face pressure and stress at work. Therefore, you need to ensure both physical and mental health to follow this profession. In addition, you also have to know how to manage your time and organize your work properly to get everything done on time without having to spend too much effort or waste time in vain.

5.7- Good communication, skillful behavior

This skill will help you work effectively with everyone in the company, create a collaborative atmosphere in the accounting department and be able to convince business partners. Moreover, being good at this skill will help you go further in your career.

6- Chief Accountant job

Most businesses need a Chief Accountant, so the career opportunities for this position are huge. However, to advance to the position of Chief Accountant, you need to continuously improve your knowledge, professional skills and work experience. In addition to the high salary, the initiative in work and decision-making are the points that make the role of Chief Accountant attractive to many people. Moreover, some chief accountants can advance to higher positions such as CEO, become a training expert or open their own company. At this point, readers can have a better understanding of the position of chief accountant, the jobs they take on, right? If you are a person who is oriented to become a chief accountant then carefully study the knowledge that TaNiWork provides in this article, it will definitely help you. Good luck! ————————————

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